Know About Us

The best institute for musicians

Trisaptika, a music kingdom, involved in primarily Dance and Music class and secodarily in Sculpture & Drawing class, is a society registered under Society Registration Act XXI, 1860, Govt. of Jharkhand having Registration No. 229/2008-09, established in 2001, conducting classes in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand with University Degree.

Trisaptika has the wide range of course from Classical to Modern Dance, Tabla to Keyboard as well as Drawing & Sculpture classes. Most important thing of this society is that it organises many broad level programs where a big hall get filled with no availability of seat for late comers. In Trispatika's program, the VIPs and VVIPs enjoy the program in High Level and excellent quality sound and music system, theme based lighting system, where the children and youngsters show the performance, explore their knowledge, improve confidence and make his/her own recognition in society.


Himanshu Raj

Trisaptika has helped me overcome my weaknesses in the field of tabla and has helped me learn and learn more in this subject. The faculty team is really fantastic and helps us in all ways.

Nand Kishor

I love to play guitar and Trisaptika has really helped me in doing my best in guitar. It has made me recognize my potential and has helped me overcome my weaknesses.

Anushka Sharma

I always loved dancing and to learn dance, I joined Trisaptika and it has really helped me to grow as a dancer.

Rashi Raj

I love Western Dance and I wanted to grow up as a dancer.I joined Trisaptika 3 years back and continued my course in western dance. I can now say, I am a very good dancer.

Anubhav Ranjan

Triaptika is the best institute for all tabla aspirants as it has given me the base to grow up as a good tabla player.The faculty team is one of the best. Without Trisaptika I couldn't become a good tabla player at all.